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The Final Empire

Two-Day Christian Based Holiday Programme

Under the direction of the Gobsmacked Ministries creative team, students aged 6-14 years will have the opportunity to bring to the stage and screen both original Gobsmacked musical pieces and some well-known Christian songs that will help build children's confidence and performing arts skills while they get to know God more.

During 2 exciting days, our young performers will explore drama, dance, voice and poetry techniques in a fun, innovative and exciting way! We will have our very own music producer who is coming from Miami, USA to teach the choir this year which is super exciting! We also have many other passionate teacher volunteers who are coming from all over NZ to teach your children for these two days.

Their final performance will be professionally recorded and presented on stage to family and friends on Tuesday October 4, 2022 at 6pm.

Student Leaders

If you would like to become a student leader/volunteer aged 14-18 in teaching the performing arts. MORE INFO

Heaven's Gonna Be

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Encore Dance

If you'd like to learn the fun Christian Dance Mash up that will be performed on the Tuesday night then please learn the moves before you come by watching this dance video: