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Gobsmacked featured in SunLive News

School’s out for musicals

Gobsmacked Productions aims to take the hassle out of shows for primary schools and literally gobsmack the audience.

Patrice Patel created the unique business that manages musicals in schools to combine her love of performing arts and primary teacher experience.

She taught in London for two years before getting a job as a performing arts director for an international school in Cairo, where her job was to create original musicals for the kids.

Getting 2000 kids up on stage each year gave her the confidence to make a business out of it, so she started writing original scripts and songs in preparation for her return to New Zealand

Patrice laughs about how the kids there performed her musical of Captain Cook discovering New Zealand.

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Teammates all together

Less stress. More fun.

  • Gobsmacked is a New Zealand-owned Performing Arts company specialising in programmes for schools.
  • We offer a unique programme aimed at children aged four to thirteen
  • We believe that Performing Arts is a profound and important part of every child’s education.
  • The skills learned and experiences gained through dancing, singing and acting will affect and improve a child’s abilities in many areas of their life.
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First Hand Recommendations

Stories of Gobsmacked

Very Blessed

"We have really enjoyed the journey and found it such a positive journey to walk along side Patrice. She is inspirational, she is exceptional, and she is an amazing teacher, mentor, coash for our students."
- Principal Joanne Seluone (Tauranga SDA School)

Overwhelmingly Positive

"In the first week you start to see kids shine in a way that perhaps they haven't before... Every time we do one it has grown the capability of teachers... Everybody grows."
- Principal Jacq Price (Pillans Point School, Tauranga)

Gobsmacked Works!

"Everyone has got somewhere they can connect to within the scripts, I think that is what also gives them confidence because they are all part of the story."
- Principal Karen Whenuaroa (Bethlehem School)


"An amazing success... took our performance arts program to the best in Cairo... Only one who can take 300 kids and put them in a production and they all know what to do."
- Principal Craig Monaghan (Cairo English School)

So valuable

"I would recommend Gobsmacked any day, it’s a great thing to see brought into your school your community will love it, your parents will love the show night, it will bring some magic to your school."
- Principal Marcus Nourish (Matua School, Tauranga)

Fantastic experience

"Every time we have worked with [Gobsmacked] it has brought such a fantastic experience for our teachers, students, and our community."
- Principal Anna Mackinnon (St Mary's School, Tauranga)

What we do

Over two weeks, the Gobsmacked team will deliver a high-quality Performing Arts programme designed to strengthen the Arts component of the curriculum and provide participating schools with a gobsmacking theatrical performance.

During this time, students will experience dance, drama and music in an energised, fun, innovative and memorable way. At the end of the two weeks teachers, parents, family, friends and the community will be invited to attend a student-led school musical. The performance will take place in a professional theatre where students have the exclusive opportunity to perform on stage, complete with costumes, props, sound, lighting, hair and makeup.

Gobsmacked caters to the individual needs of every student, teacher and school, regardless of how developed their Performing Arts programme is. Put simply, Team Gobsmacked has the answers to all of your Performing Arts needs.