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Tuesday Night Ministry

5:30-7:00pm Tuesdays

Age: 8 – 13 years


Patrice and her team will be teaching your children some cool new dances, songs and dramas and tell you some really cool stories from her own life and the Bible

We would like to invite you to join us for our FREE weekly outreach Gobsmacked Ministries programme that is purely donation run. Children will be immersed in dancing, singing, acting and many other activities where children will learn about God and how to serve others.

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Develop, Grow & Share

Our aim for Gobsmacked Ministries is to establish productions and programs designed to equip young people to understand and value the spiritual dimension of their lives by connecting them to God, creating a platform for them to develop, grow and share their God given talents through dance, drama and voice.

What we will be doing:

  • Learning about God through the performing arts.
  • Preparation for christian music video clips for television (dance/vocals/drama)
  • Preparation for dramas/dances/songs for community events.


This ministry is completely free and run by volunteers who are committed to donating their time and talents to help provide this creative space for your children, however there are still running costs involved with what we do and we rely on donations and the good will of our supporters to keep this ministry running. If you are willing and able (although not compulsory), you have the option to help us by providing a weekly donation to help cover these costs and ensure that we can provide a sustainable service for children.

We look forward to seeing you there!
Tuesdays, 5:30pm at the Adventist Church at 25 Moffatt Rd.

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The Final Empire Dance

For The Final Empire holiday programme

I Can Only Imagine

For The Final Empire holiday programme

The Last Empire

For The Final Empire holiday programme

Heaven's Gonna Be

For The Final Empire holiday programme

Encore Dance

Choreography for the 'Encore Dance'.

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