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Choir Reunion

28 September 2022

On Wednesday September 28 be sure to join us from 6 – 8pm for a casual sing-song of all your favourite Gobsmacked songs with children, teachers and parents from all over the Bay of Plenty who have ever been involved in a Gobsmacked show or holiday programme.

You will get to meet Josiah Ruff from America, the one and only man who produces and sings all of the Gobsmacked songs. He will be singing along with us too and you’ll get to see him in the flesh, the Disney voice behind every song you’ve ever learnt in your Gobsmacked Productions.

Everyone is welcome!! This is an event for ANYONE who has EVER been involved in a Gobsmacked show or holiday programme. School students, ex-students, teachers, Mums, Dads, Grandmas, and Grandpas who helped you learn your songs and dances who would love to enjoy a night of singing.

The words will be up on the screen and they will be lead by Josiah Ruff himself. It’s definitely going to be a night you’ll always remember. Josiah is only on this side of the world for a couple of weeks so make sure you make the most of this GOBSMACKING opportunity.

Sign up by clicking here and pay a small registration fee of $15 so we can decide what venue we can use. There will also be door sales on the night too.

Gobsmacked t-shirts are on sale for $35 and recordings of any Gobsmacked show that you may have lost or didn’t end up purchasing in the past 8 years and just wished you had a copy of.

VENUE UPDATE: SDA Church - 25 Moffat Rd, Bethlehem

28 September 2022
SDA Church - 25 Moffat Rd, Bethlehem


Event fee: $15