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DRAMA: Physical Theatre Workshops

Physical theatre is a style of performance theatre where movement is the main method of storytelling.

This training that we offer at Gobsmacked is combining our love of dance with our love of dramatic teaching to create new and innovative theatre pieces. We will work alongside rhythm and impulse work.

This new drama programme will encourage the budding dancer or actors and actresses to work together to combine their skills to learn a new performance art in a fun and confidence building environment.

We are thrilled to have Kaitlyn teaching this programme as she specialises in this type of theatre and way of dramatic teaching. She finds this theatre to be the best way to build confidence and trust. Her training in dance and drama combined brings you this innovative programme. She works closely with movement in this contemporary art and will provide your child skills to be more confident in both drama and dance environments.


Bethlehem Hall

239A State Highway 2


Age: 8 - 13 years
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Activity Fees:

$135 (9 weeks)

$15 per lesson

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